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Reading CSV Files in Kyma, Insights, Kyma's Online Magazine (2016)
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Max/MSP Package: Korg Nano

Ever since Cycling 74 introduced the idea of packages in Max 6.1, I’ve been pretty excited. Previously, there wasn’t a great way to distribute and install tools, objects, externals, media. And if you wanted to use anyone else’s tools, you had to wade through the murky collection of application directories and dump in single files–an unfailing way to […]

Photoresistor Theremin

Tired of software, longing for the touch and feel of circuits, I’ve been looking for something to satiate my sonic hunger. And, I wanted to get my hands dirty. So, I placed a small order of electronic parts with Additionally, ever since having discovered that the cigar store in Staunton, VA sells nice wooden cigar […]

Spectral Smoothing inside Kyma

Lately I’ve been having fun with the spectral analysis tool inside Kyma. This post is to document a quick introduction to Kyma’s Analysis Tool. Specifically, I will document how basic smoothing of frequency and amplitude augments the sonic character of a slow playback via an analysis file. After performing an initial analysis using Kyma’s Analysis Tool (Cmd-1), […]

Qwerty keyboard as Kyma Tool controller

Tools help us carry out particular tasks and functions. Hammers drive in nails. Saws cut wood. In the digital realm, we also use tools. Faders control volume, buttons trigger sounds. However, in software, things are not always so clear cut. Faders don’t have to control volume, and buttons don’t have to trigger sounds. The examples of […]

Sample Selection in XY Space

Selecting a portion of an audio sample is something that we do often. Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Logic and ProTools or even Sample Track Editors like Peak and Audacity allow users to select a portion of audio. The process of selecting audio with a mouse for out-of-real-time control (and in the comfort of one’s […]

Wacom tablet: data zooming function

Over the last few months, I’ve been interested in data zooming, where a finite range of data (say 0-1) can be magnified and explored in greater detail. We are all familiar with the paradigm. In Microsoft Word or Photoshop, for example, you zoom the view (e.g. 125%) and in the same amount of screen real estate, […]