String Quartet no. 1 conatains three movements (Cleanse, Body, Release). Watch here for the full movement or click below to listen to each movement as a separate video. - String Quartet no. 1: [...More]
AUU is a live performance composition for Wacom Tablet and Kyma. [...More]
The Sound Memorial for the Veterans of the Vietnam War is a six-hour long composition/installation, a reading of the names of the service members who died during the Vietnam War. [...More]


Overwhelmed by pain, shock, or grief, these three actions demonstrate how we may lose control of our physical bodies, revealing just how fragile we are. Video documents performance at the [...More]
A Gold Star family is one who has lost a loved one in military service. Stemming from Jewish tradition, many Gold Star families place stones on grave markers in Arlington National Cemetery, which [...More]
#Ferguson is a solo percussion work based upon Twitter feeds surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO on Aug. 9, 2014. The work has three characters: Michael Brown (tenor drum); [...More]
I participated in Dartmouth's Eyewash 2015 festival, a bi-weekly showcase of experimental film and music. I was able to present 45+ minutes of solo material, including live performances on the [...More]
Hope is the thing with feathers is based loosely on a poem by Emily Dickinson. The poem floated by at a timely moment, and the flute contains many of the sonic qualities expressed. Score of Hope [...More]
Surfaces uses the walls of the room as the score. Each surface is a movement, and every performance may be 1-6 movements in length. The objective is to play, and sonically reconstruct, the [...More]
This is a performance video of AUU (for eMersion wireless sensing) at the 2014 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, held at Georgia Tech. I performed as a finalist representing Chet [...More]
Youngman / Overholt is a piece for piano and electronics, written in honor of my grandmother, Betty Jane Youngman Overholt, who passed away in early 2013. [...More]
Sweetly is a vocal work for four voices (SABB). The video is a live performance (2/17/14) by the vocal ensemble Ekmeles (ekmeles.com). The work was originally an alt-folk song duet I wrote for [...More]
San Giovanni Elemosinario is a music for film work that attempts to recreate a Venetian church through sound. [...More]
Great Speeches is a computer music composition for any large laptop ensemble. This recording documents a Oct. 30, 2013 performance of the UVa MICE ensemble with 100+ performers. [...More]
Confidant is a collaborative project between Jon Bellona and Samira Potts. Based on their diverse love of music (ranging from Townes Van Zandt to Adele), the duo began writing and performing [...More]
Casting is a real-time composition for a single performer using the Microsoft Kinect and Kyma. [...More]
Zero Crossing is a collaborative work by Harmonic Laboratory. The piece explores the relationships between moving bodies, real and perceived, and the line that exists at the junction of action. [...More]
Sleeping Beauty EP (3 songs)
Pope Blackout is an indie-rock inspired outlet for electro-acoustic composer Jon Bellona. This three-song EP delves into emitting noise as art, and one can hear inspirations like My Bloody [...More]
Sound Pong is a real-time performance composition written in Kyma and Max/MSP for an electronic ensemble. [...More]
Running Expressions is a real-time performance composition using bio-feedback and remote controllers. [...More]
The film was created as part of the University of Oregon Adrenaline Film Project, during Cinema Pacific 2011. Filmmakers have 72 hours to pitch, script, cast, shoot, and edit a short film. All [...More]
In Passing articulates the journey of an interactive dialogue between performers, where the germinal communicative motive becomes entangled as the conversation evolves. The clarity and complexity [...More]
Sonic Dog Tags is a set of compositions that retrieve biographical information of fallen service members from the Department of Defense RSS feed, in an attempt to form compositions unique to each [...More]
Unresolved Peace is a work for flute & electronics recounting a sister losing her brother to war. Separated into three movements, the work reflects upon the process of being initiated into the [...More]
If I Had A Hi-Fi (Sample 3 songs)
Cary James, Evan James, and Jon Bellona came together through various avenues. As Cary and Jon had a previous project known as The Landscapers, The Edgy Citizens burgeoned on their conversations [...More]